Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

There is nothing more effective for sprucing up your home than to install new uPVC roofline. You’ll be amazed at the positive effect these vital elements can make on the appearance of your home but also the benefits of updating your roofline. The primary purpose of fascias, soffits, guttering, drainpipes and cladding, is to protect the structure of your property

These often forgotten parts of your home play a key role in maintaining the weathertightness of your property, which in turn improves the lifespan of your home. Roofline products work together to prevent water from running off the roof and over the surfaces of the walls, which over time will cause damage and significantly weaken the structure.

They also prevent birds and animals from getting inside and creating nests or causing damage. This important protection of the integral structure serves to extend the lifespan of your property. You can enjoy the beautifully enhanced aesthetics of your home together with the peace of mind that your property is protected for many years to come, adding value to your home.

Our professional teams work throughout Maidstone, Kent, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Rochester, Orpington, Bromley, Canterbury, Faversham, Tunbridge Wells, Kings Hill, Ashford, Dartford, Lingfield and Edenbridge as well as surrounding areas. We help many happy customers by installing exceptional new roofline to enhance their homes.

Quality Roofline Services in Maidstone and Kent

We know that the look of your home is an important factor when choosing new roofline, however, it does more than just improve the appearance, there are other benefits to replacing your roofline with HomeBrite.

Our comprehensive range of quality uPVC roofline products will protect your home from water ingress and the associated damage. This protects the hidden aspects of the structure of your house such as beams and rafters, keeping them in good condition.

As a reliable company with trusted trained installers, you can be sure that your old roofline will be completely removed. Some unscrupulous companies merely clad over the existing roofline, which is often rotten. This inevitably causes costly remedial work in the future.

Our professional team take the care and attention to complete every installation to our usual impeccable standards. You can rest assured that you won’t be left with a substantial bill to repair a weakened roof and costly repairs further down the line.

uPVC fascias, soffits and guttering prices Maidstone and Kent


Low maintenance

Our uPVC roofline products do not require the maintenance associated with older, wooden equivalents. You can relax in the knowledge that they will not fade, discolour or rot as they age.


Long Lasting

With your roofline being one of the least accessible areas of your home it is essential that you have the right, long lasting product installed. Our uPVC roofline products ensure that your home looks good for years.


Weather Resistant

Our durable uPVC roofline products provide incredible protection for your home against the weather, especially rain water from the roof. They include fascias, soffits, guttering, drainpipes and cladding.

Soffits and Fascias

Many homes in Maidstone, Kent and surrounding areas, still have old wooden fascias and soffits installed. Not only do they deteriorate over time, but they can allow water into your home causing extensive damage. What’s more the wood requires ongoing repair and expensive maintenance.

By contrast uPVC fascias and soffits last for years and the only maintenance they will need is an occasional clean. It’s because of this that our uPVC fascias and soffits really do offer a cost effective, hassle free way to improve your home.

Guttering and Drainpipes

When replacing your fascias and soffits, it makes perfect sense to replace your guttering and drainpipes at the same time. Often, older uPVC will have discoloured over time and so when fitting new fascia the difference is quite apparent.

It’s fast, simple and cost effective to replace your guttering and drainpipes as part of the installation as it takes our fitters little extra time and provides the a more complete effect, adding extra quality to the finish to your improvements.


We offer a great range of beautiful cladding that will really enhance the appearance of your home. Designed to last, our durable cladding is available in a textured finish with a choice of styles, sizes and colours.

We also offer standard open v, shiplap and double shiplap styles in white and woodgrain finishes.

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Guaranteed and Cost Effective

Our range of roofline products come from high standard manufacturers. We work with industry leading experts providing such immense quality that all our roofline products are supplied with an incredible and unrivalled fifty year guarantee.

You will not only get value for money from the durability of our roofline, but our prices are exceptionally competitive too, making these products even more cost effective.

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